Introducing the Artist

Sandra Francis

Sandra has had 5 years art training in colleges. After a career in painting portraits, architectural paintings, commissions and publishing prints, the imagination took over and the seascapes from imagination began mainly tropical memories of a childhood  in Africa. 

Sandra had her own gallery in Cookham for 8 years selling her own work, originals, prints and other artists paintings. Many celebrities who lived in the area were customers of the Cookham Art Gallery.

After a career in painting since childhood, being commissioned in portraiture, developing a range of over 150 prints of British village and landscape scenes, running the art gallery in Cookham. Berkshire for 8 years and selling in London ......Inspired by the sea, Sandra moved to the Isle of Wight 11 years ago. Living by the sea  painting the gorgeous coastline views, some reworked as tropical red sunsets, and also large flower decorative paintings, London scenes, and countryside poppy fields.

Although in the past Sandra painted hundreds of portraits of people, animals, houses, places she now select only the commissions that appeal. Portraits of friends,flowers and landscapes . She is now a seascape painter. Enquiries welcome...


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